"When the manger is empty,
the horses fight."

English Proverb ~



Tennessee Walkers

Peruvian Pasos

Major's Ultra Lady

Almost everyone who met Lady fell in love with her and wanted to own her babies, due to their breeding, disposition, confirmation and gait.  We lost this excellent mare in the spring of 2010. More

La Poderosa L

A great horse, never breaking gait, stunning color.  Now deceased.
First of Fayebrook's  mares selected for foundation breeding.

Kodiak's Mystic Quest

Every year she continued to surprise us as her babies were so intelligent and keen to learn.  Especially, notable was  her superior gait. Unfortunately she is now deceased. More

Luna Reluciente

Grey mare getting lighter every year. With her very endearing temperament and those enviable Paso characteristics, good for show, trail, and breeding.

Major Midnight Delight

A tall sorrel mare with a soft eye and a willing personality, one of our best moms. Has a beautiful long stride and very seldom moves out of gait. More

FBT La Amada

Carla personal riding horse, the perfect example of good breeding - excellent brio, termino and disposition.

Miss Lucky Duck

Miss Lucky Duck has fantastic breeding and she is superbly gaited with a long ground covering stride.  We love her disposition.  When we are outside she runs toward us, nickering for us to come to see her. More

FBT La Celestina *~*

Young buckskin filly, excellent Termino and Brio, a very sweet temperament, a great choice for our therapy program.

All Trimmed in White

All Trimmed in White is a beautiful light up chestnut mare with a wonderful natural gait, great conformation, model manners (especially when handling her), like the sires and mares up the lines in her pedigree.  She is also broke to ride.


paso finos

Shes JFK Marilyn Monroe

This soft gentle mare is bred!  She is a direct daughter of JFK and a grand daughter of The Skywatch.  She loves attention and has   shown to be a fierce protector of her babies. Hope is one of the best producers we have seen. More

Flying M Bohemia

Flying M Bohemia is not longer at Fayebrook but is a show-stopping example of the Paso Fino breed -  energy, proud attitude, intelligence, smooth sure-footed rhythmic gait.  She was shown in the United States.  We are sure her new owners are thrilled.  

Prides Ms Lucky Debut

She was fifteen years old when she arrived at Fayebrook Farms.   The horse was not sensitized and did not behave like it was comfortable with a rider. Then we discovered our youngest daughter developed a real bond with this horse that allowed our youngest to ride her.



Santarra is a Canadian Registered thirteen-year-old buckskin mare.  This confident professionally trained  Tennessee Walking horse comes from excellent bloodlines has lots of experience on all terrain including mountains, near highways, and fields, over and through various obstacles.
Sorry SOLD


Her Royal Majesty



Royal Velvet Tess


Tink has great babies that we can never seem to keep.  She is broke to ride and very good with young children.

Dictator's Mystic Dawn

Born the summer of 2009 Dictator's Mystic Dawn is a bright little filly from Fayebrook's Royal Dictator and Kodiak's Mystic Quest.  Dawn carries herself around the pasture and coral with a regal gait.  So far she has her mother's coloring. More




Narnia, born summer of 2009 has well known dams and sires in her pedigree: Major's Ultra Threat, the immortal Prides Generator Mack K's Handshaker and Merry Go Boy.  More




Photos of a Newborn

What mare's page would be complete if it did not include photos of the babies.




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