Left:  Mysty 2012
Right:  Kodiak's Mystic Quest, on the right she is huge in her pregnancy, taken the same day as the photos below when the mares are following her and Rene, and tagging along is Ebony


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Kodiakís Mystic Quest, better known as Mysty at Fayebrook Farms was a direct daughter of Williamís Kodiak, who  goes back to King Pin, Williams King, and Williams Kodiak.  All have produced beauty, gait, and size along with excellent dispositions.

King Pin was the Montana, Colorado state champion and placed second in the National Versitility distance program (TWHBEA).  King Pin and Williams King have produced jumpers.

Mysty was an amazing mare.  She had a very soft heart and willing personality which made her very easy to handle.  All of these qualities were evident in her babies.  We absolutely loved this mare.  Every year she surprised us as her babies were all so intelligent and keen to learn.  Especially, notable their superior gait.


Mysty's babies required very little repetition in their training.  They didn't forget from one time to the next and progressed quickly to the next step.  Even if we left them untouched for awhile we could simply pick up where we left off.

Mysty foaled truly superb horses.  Besides their exceedingly good temperament and smarts, they all had excellent bones and were good size.

We lost Mysty in 2013.

Kodiakís Mystic Quest's Pedigree

Foundation Sire - Allan F-1

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