The essential joy of being with horses is that
it brings us in contact with the rare elements
of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.

~Sharon Ralls Lemon ~
 Editor Horse Illustrated


The Peruvian Paso is a purebred Spanish horse that was selectively bred for the amble.  A major principle with Peruvian breeders is that great Peruvian horses are born and not trained. Training is designed to bring out the animal's inherent ability but not modify it artificially.  Today's Peruvuan Paso horse is the result of 400 – plus years of highly selective breeding. It is one of the purest breeds in the world.

The breed is said to combine qualities which may be considered contradictory.  He is very high-spirited though easy to handle while loose and relaxed in his movements. He has sparkling, brilliant action in the forelegs, yet he is extremely smooth and sure-footed. He has refined appearance, yet he is powerful.  Through four centuries these inherent qualities have been retained  - indeed a rare accomplishment - due to the intelligence, love and devotion of innumerable Peruvian breeders keeping the bloodlines clean, making the Peruvian Paso horse one of their country's greatest treasures. 

The Peruvian Paso is more than a show horse.  It is a tireless and eager to please its rider. It was bred to work hard and provide a smooth reliable ride. 

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Maintaining the Purity of the Breed

Fayebrook Farms adheres to maintaining the purity of this magnificent breed. Our Peruvian Paso stallions and mares were selected not only for their ancestral lineage and championship breeding, but because their brio and termino were so compelling. From these unions we have obtained offspring that present all the desired characteristics of the champion Peruvian Pasos they descend from and reveal temperaments ideal for show, trail, and breeding.  More About the Bloodline

Our Peruvian Pasos makes a lasting impression on horse lovers, casual visitors and passionate breeders which confirms our commitment to continuing this elite Peruvian Paso breeding program. 

La Poderosa L (shown here), our very favourite mare and our stallion Vivo SKR show exceptional qualities of the gait, termino and brio.   Together they produced offspring that exhibits outstanding gait, termino and brio. 

We were saddened when La Poderosa recently passed away.   Fortunately we have FBT La Amada, Luna Reluciente and FBT La Celestina, all mares sired by Vivo SKR and offspring of La Poderosa L that will comprise the stable of mares to partner with new sires of Peruvian Pasos to bring these attributes to new generations.




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