The spirited horse, which will try
to win the race of its own accord,
will run even faster if encouraged.

~ Ovid ~



Tennessee Walkers

Peruvian Pasos


Royal Dictator

Royal Dictator was the "Pride of Fayebrook Farms - we are sad to say he passed away in 2013 - an exceptional stallion, with natural running walk, which passes to his offspring, foundation breeding traces to Allen F-1. More

  Vivo SKR

Great sire with lots of brio and great termino, excellent disposition and wonderful conformation.  Available for stud.

Dictator's Diesel

Breathtakingly beautiful,  flawless conformation, remarkable sculptured head.  Breeding by private treaty.  More

Diesel's Red Fury

Red's conformation is exceptional and his breeding superb out of the old lines of an exceptional stallion, Royal Dictator who shows the finest foundation breeding on his pedigree as both sire and dam go back to the great Allen F-1. 
Available for stud.






Captivating Dream

Handsome sorrel stallion with beautiful flaxen mane and tail.  Strong and feisty  from excellent breeding.  We call him Pan.

Pan has now found a new stable.  We were sorry to see him leave us. 





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