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Prides Ms Lucky Debut is a much loved member of our family.  We call her Missy.

She was fifteen years old when she arrived at Fayebrook Farms.  Missy had been sold to novice riders who bought her thinking she was a well broke horse, but soon learned otherwise.  The new owners asked us to work with her for a month.  Knowing they were inexperienced as riders they wanted an aged and experienced horse, but we could tell right away that this fifteen year old didn't seem completely sound and that she was green broke, not the right fit for the inexperienced new owners.  She showed she had very little training for a mature horse, was unable to go in a straight line, would stop and not move, and seemed afraid of everything out in the field.  The horse was not sensitized and did not behave like it was comfortable with a rider.


  Later we found out that the people who sold Prides Ms Lucky Debut had tried to breed her, but she didn't get pregnant, and then they had put thirty days put on her as a fifteen year-old prior to the sale.  Missy was mature in age but she didn't have the training or confidence to be ridden or ground worked and at her age riding her would have caused her undue stress.  No one was comfortable selling her.  We were unsure what her fate would be.

We were considering trying to breed Missy and also using her in our equine therapy program with clients whose program does not include riding, when we discovered our youngest daughter Lena had developed a real bond with Missy.  Not only that, Missy allowed Lena to ride her without a fuss or signs of discomfort.  They became a pair;  Missy and Lena are excellent together and Missy has a purpose again.  If it gets to difficult for Lena to ride her we will consider breeding or equine therapy, but we are content to let her finish out her life with us.



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