A horse reveals our significance - worth listening to,
worthy of their trust,  precious for our touch - and once
we believe the same we can risk being curious,
delight in the wonders of the world and
the human spirit, and love them right back.

~ Marie Peters, writer ~




Our horses come from excellent breeding stock.  Our sires and dams were selected for their beauty, gait,  size, and dispositions. However, most important is the ancestry.  Their ancestry is based on renowned foundation horses that have not only been named for establishing the Tennessee Walking Horse breed and made history in the show ring, but produced progeny that have distinguished themselves as Grand Champions, Champion Champions.  Fayebrook Farms is committed to continuing these blood lines and the horses we sell are the product of this selective breeding.

Read an overview of the legendary ancestors of all Fayebrook horses

Please note that our horses are very desirable and sell quickly.  If you are interested in a horse we encourage you to act quickly to avoid disappointment.

Tennessee Walkers


Peruvian Pasos



Dictator Midnight Lightning
This gentle giant is an exceptional gelding with flawless conformation.  At a whopping 17.1hh he is going to have a superb ground covering stride - a gaiting machine. More



Sorry, no Peruvian Pasos are for sale at this time.

Diesel's Mystic Arrow

A sweet boy, with a very willing laid back character. Very intelligent so training comes quickly. He is the last of his lines. His breeding and conformation are impeccable.






Sorry, no Paso Finos are for sale at this time.

Dictator Midnight Phoenix

Dictator Midnight Phoenix is an exceptional horse with flawless conformation.  He has a long swaying stride which contributes to the best run/walk in the breed.  Like his sire he has a beautifully sculpted head with trademark hooked ears.






Royal Lucky Aces

Royal Lucky Aces is a beautiful gelding who is very sweet; he loves attention demonstrating this by being the first to come up when we go into the pen, a perfect representation of his selective breeding - his sire, Royal Dictator and her Dam Miss Lucky Duck both exceptional and captivating specimens of equine. More



Royal May Flower

She is our first Tennuvian.  Both dam and sire are offspring of  champions within their respective breeds and display endearing personalities and wonderful temperaments which in Mayflower is already evident.
We expect she will be grey like her mother.


Dictators Shining Quest

Training came easy for this  sweet willing and laid back foal - easy to lead, very intelligent.  His breeding is impeccable and his conformation is beautiful.  He has lots of potential for the trail, show ring or as a breeding stallion.
Sorry sold



Diesel's Hot and Spicy

Amazing equine intelligence, wonderful confirmation, beautiful filly that loves attention, always wants to be close to us, though she is respectful of our personal space.  Will be grey like her mother.


Prides's Red Eros

A great mount for an intermediate or advanced rider, Prides Red Eros is sweet and loves to be cuddled and loved.

Sorry SOLD



Diesel's Sacred Willow

Born 2013 this beautiful bay filly has a really sweet personality, loves to receive a pat on her head, show the disposition of her championship foundation breeding.  


Dictator's Ebony Delight

Ebony has true character that shines through in his every move. an extremely well bred horse, from some of the greatest horses to appear in the latter part of this past half century.


Dictator's Destiny Quest







Santarra is a Canadian Registered thirteen-year-old buckskin mare.  This confident professionally trained  Tennessee Walking horse comes from excellent bloodlines has lots of experience on all terrain including mountains, near highways, and fields, over and through various obstacles.
Sorry SOLD



Cyrsons Captivating Dream

Remarkable miniature, a feisty stallion that loves his women,  great to pasture breed or hand breed,  easy to catch and handle.

Her Royal Majesty


Royal Velvet Tess





Other Miniatures

Dictator's Miss Bailey

Dictator's Miss Bailey is a stunning filly, with a fantastic disposition, a perfect representation of her selective breeding - her sire, Royal Dictator and her Dam Miss Lucky Duck both exceptional and captivating specimens of equine.



Sweet little colt with a desire for adventure, runs around the place leaving his mom behind without a care, beautifully balanced conformation. 

Diesel's White Savannah

With Grand Champion parentage on both sides of her pedigree Diesel's White Savannah has inherited flawless conformation and a wonderful disposition.  This little filly is bright and graceful, curious and so very friendly.



Belle was a special miniature.  We're delighted she has found a new home.

Dictator's Mystic Dawn

Born the summer of 2009 Dictator's Mystic Dawn is a bright little filly from Fayebrook's Royal Dictator and Kodiak's Mystic Quest.  Dawn carries herself around the pasture and coral with a regal gait.  So far she had her mother's coloring.



Narnia, born summer of 2009 has well known dams and sires in her pedigree: Major's Ultra Threat, the immortal Prides Generator Mack K's Handshaker and Merry Go Boy.




Dictators Delightful Sasha

Sasha is probably the nicest baby ever born out of Royal Dictator and Major Midnight Delight.  She's a well gaited horse.  Her white markings on her sculptured face make her stunning and beautiful. More





Dictator's Lucky Button

Button is a perfect representation of her sire and dams breeding - a very sweet filly, who is loved by everyone.
More about Button





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