When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk:
he trots the air; the earth sings when
he touches it;  the basest horn of his hoof
is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.

~ Henry V  - Shakespeare ~


Tennessee Walkers


Dictator's Major General

Good show horse prospect,  sound mind, outgoing, and personality to burn.  True blue black with champion and foundation breeding.  Awesome animal to work with.  We use him in Equine therapy. More

  I'm Van Diesel

Iím Van Diesel is a striking lit up gelding, with a soft disposition, so gentle he is  perfectly suited for our riding programs.  He has inherited the confirmation of his flawless sire Dictator's Diesel. More

Gorgeous George

Intelligent young developing stallion, foundation breeding, champions on sire and dams side.  Loves attention, quick to learn, and growing steadily.

George is ideal for riding lessons and equine assisted healing. More


Royal Lucky Aces

Royal Lucky Aces is a beautiful gelding who is very sweet; he loves attention demonstrating this by being the first to come up when we go into the pen, a perfect representation of his selective breeding -  More

Diesel's Mystic Arrow

A sweet boy, with a very willing laid back character. Very intelligent so training comes quickly. He is the last of his lines. His breeding and conformation are impeccable.

  Dictator Midnight Phoenix

Dictator Midnight Phoenix is an exceptional horse with flawless conformation.  He has a long swaying stride which contributes to the best run/walk in the breed.  Like his sire he has a beautifully sculpted head with trademark hooked ears.


Dictator Midnight Lightning
This gentle giant is an exceptional gelding with flawless conformation and excellent breeding.  At a whopping 17.1hh he is going to have a superb ground covering stride - a gaiting machine. More

Dictator's Destiny Quest

Dam's ancestral sires  produced beauty, gait, and size along with excellent dispositions, sire's side champion and foundation horses that can be traced to the very first generations of Tennessee Walkers.


  Prides's Red Eros

A great mount for an intermediate or advanced rider, Prides Red Eros is sweet and loves to be cuddled and loved.


Dictator's Shining Quest

Shiny is so sweet, willing, laid back - able to  handle him at a very young age, easy to lead, very intelligent - training came quickly.  His breeding and conformation are impeccable.  Lots of potential for the trail or show ring.  More

Sorry Sold


Dictator's Ebony Delight

Ebony has true character that shines through in his every move. an extremely well bred horse, from some of the greatest horses to appear in the latter part of this past half century.



Hangin' Out - Gorgeous George & Ebony Delight



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