Narnia's birth was recorded in
a series of photographs.



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Narnia was a very special filly.  We were fortunate to be with her from the very minute she was born.  She was very sweet and a little lady.  Narnia stayed very close to her mom but once in a while her brother was able to get her away to run and play.  She matured well and true to her pedigree.

 Narnia's dam is by Ultra's Major Threat, a very well known champion in Canada and the US.  Her granddam on his dam's side sports the immortal Prides Generator in her pedigree.  Her sire is Royal Dictator a Mack K's Handshaker/ Merry Go Boy grandson!  

We are pleased that Narnia has found a new home.


Narnia's Pedigree
Her Sire - Royal Dictator

Her Dam - Major Midnight Delight
Foundation Sire - Allan F-1




Narnia spring 2013

Narnia Summer 2011
Far Right: Narnia with Charm

Narnia 2012


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