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Luna Reluciente  is a wonderful mare out of Vivo SKR and La Poderosa L, both of Fayebrook.  Her name means "Gleaming Moon".

What an asset she is to our farm!  We have used her for trail riding, equine therapy, riding lessons and breeding.  She has demonstrated great qualities as a loving mother, notably very protective of her babies.  She has passed on her courageous and willing qualities  to her foals as well as her great conformation and disposition.

Luna Reluciente exhibits excellent Termino and Brio.  She is a grey mare that is getting lighter in colour every year. With her very endearing temperament and those enviable Paso characteristics, she will be a good partner on the trail, superb in a show ring or utilized in your breeding program. 

Luna's breeding goes back to Soberano and Oro Negro, horses that attained the title of Championís Champions.  The pedigree on both her sire and dams side goes back to Piloto and Sol De Oro who are foundation stallions defining the breed in both in Peru and the United States.  In Canada these lines are winning in the show. ring.  We are asking $8500.


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