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Major Midnight Delight better known as Tia to us, is a tall sorrel mare with a soft eye and a willing personality.  She is a good mom, but allows us to play with her babies.  She has had two babies and so far we are impressed.  Her first is now a yearling, a very willing filly that learns fast, remembers everything and does it consistently.  Her second was born this summer, is very energetic and displays all the really good characteristics of expected of good breeding.

Tia has a beautiful long stride and very seldom moves out of gait.  On her sire's side is the immortal Prides Generator.  On her damís side she goes back to The Pusher C.G. and Pusher All Color and also back to Prides Generator and Ebonyís Senator. 

Her Pedigree
Her Colt  Dictator's Ebony Delight
Her Filly Royal Velvet Tess
Foundation Sire - Allan F-1
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