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Flying M Bohemia is a show-stopping example of the Paso Fino breed -  energy, proud attitude, intelligence, smooth sure-footed rhythmic gait.  She was shown in the United States and sold to a breeder here in Alberta who used her for trail riding in the Drumheller area.

Bo has a sweet temperament and is extremely well gaited, that totally natural, precise and quick four-beat, lateral ambling gait, that distinguishes the Paso Fino from all other horses in the world and produces the smoothest ride imaginable.  She is beautiful  intelligent, responsive, and needs a very gentle touch.

Bos sire is Candelario de La Vitrina, the last son from the famous Terremoto de Manizales, who sired offspring in Puerto Rico, Colombia and the United States.  Many of his offspring are now competing in the show ring.   This is a prized specimen of equine, worth more than we sold her for, but our priority was finding her the right home.

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