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What a precious mare!  Miss Lucky Duck is beautiful and everyone's favourite. Though she is a relatively new addition to Fayebrook, Ducky is very special to us.  Whenever we are outside she knickers at the fence for our attention.  When Reneís Mom and Dad visited from Holland they spent many hours by the fence talking to Ducky, petting her and Ducky absorbed every minute with rapture.  She spent the summer as Royal Dictatorís pasture mate.  She was a perfect mate for him as she was kind and gentle but stood up to him when he was being bossy.

 Miss Lucky Duck is out of The Duck who placed 10th in 2003 World Grand Champions of the National Celebration.  Her pedigree goes back to great stallions like Triple Threat, Pride of Midnight, Ebony Masterpiece and several others.  Her breeding is rare which makes her offspring valuable.

 Ducky is superbly gaited with a long ground covering stride.  Missy Lucky Duck is broke to ride and has been ridden on the trail and also in show.  She has wonderful conformation, is very balanced which gives her great stamina and the ability perform in gait without breaking.

Pedigree of Miss Lucky Duck
Foundation Sire - Allan F-1
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