The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. 

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Blood lines

Peruvian Paso horses came to North America from Peru.  Three predominant bloodlines exist there.  The region of Northern Peruvian Pasos are the most numerous, with the Southern regions’s Peruvian horses following and the bloodline from the region of Lima also having an important influence.   Horses within the same region are very similar, but have notable differences from horses of the other regions.  A  crossing of the Northern bloodline with the Southern bloodline proved to have the most significance. 

Federico de la Torre Ugarte in Northern Peru crossed the broodmare La Zapata  with Limeņo Viejo from the Southern Peru’s Pisco Valley.  Their coming together produced the most important modern foundation stallion in Northern Peru, Limeņito, born in 1942.  In a later union Limeņo Viejo and La Zapata also produced La Zapata II, who later gave birth to other notable offspring.  Through their offspring  Limeņo Viejo and La Zapata created a dynasty that continues to dominate the show ring as through the generations, their descendents have produced the greatest number of winners.

The Peruvian Paso horses at Fayebrook Farms all descend from this great and successful crossing.  Our stallion Vivo SKR can be traced back to the great champion Soberano, from Piloto and Soberana de Cayalti whose grandsire was the famous Limeņito.

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