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From an expansive history of Pasos organized and hosted by Pasos on the Web - this excerpt from modern bloodlines of the Peruvian Paso horse

 Edited from the article originally written twenty years ago (1977) by noted historian, Mr. Verne Albright, and reprinted from Peruvian Horse World Magazine.

Crossing La Zapata with Limeņo Viejo, who reportedly came from the Pisco Valley in Southern Peru and was a son of Pin Pin, Torre Ugarte produced the great Limeņito. Through Limeņito, Torre Ugarte provided an important part of the foundation bloodlines for two giant Northern sugar cane plantations, the Hda. Pucalsa and the Hda. Cayalti. The Hda. Pucala had two of the most important Limeņito sons, Carnaval (Peru 58-S) and Mantaro (57-S), who would become its foundation sires. Pucala also had several Limeņito daughters, Limeņito, himself, took up residence at the Hda. Cayalti, owned by the Aspillaga Anderson brothers, where he sired the sons that gave Cayalti its fame as a breeder of finely gaited horses: Tondero (Peru 100-S) - the sire of Chasqui (Peru 276-S) - and Honorable (Peru 101-S), as well as others. Limeņito also gave Cayalti its finest mares, including Muņeca II (Peru 305-M) and Columbina II (Peru 304-M). The Hda. Cayalti had a half brother to Limeņito named Elegante (not to be confused with the Pedro Cabrera horses of the same name), who was also a son of Limeņo Viejo and was the sire of such important Cayalti horses as Soberana (Peru 255-M) and Casique (Peru 73-S).

Limeņito also sired Principe, who belonged to the Isola family and was the Peruvian National Champion of Champions in 1945,1948, 1950, 1951, 1952 and 1953. The Isolas owned the Hda. Mayorazgo, which was managed in those days by Carlos Gonzales B. Principe sired the 1953 Peruvian National Champion Stallion, Sultan, and a daughter named La Reina, who was an important national prize winner in Peru in the mid-50's.

Another of Limeņito's daughters was a very well known, prize winning mare named Palmira (Peru 340-M), who produced *Suspiro (S70830), a US National Champion Junior Stallion.

The Hda. Cayalti has several other important bloodlines. A horse named Cayalti (Rex x Colombina I) sired the top show horse, Capricho (Peru 72-S), who in turn was the sired of Fito Matellini's present herd sire, Trapiche (Peru 289-S).

Limeņito`s Offspring

Owing to the excellent bloodstock it acquired from Torre Ugarte and to the fact that it had several hundred horses at any given time, the Hda. Pucala became an important force in the show ring from the mid-1950's to the mid 1960's. Pucala's most famous Limeņito son, Carnaval (Peru 58-S), 1959 National Champion of Champions in Peru, was one of the most prolific of modern Northern Stallions. Among his many sons were many successful show and breeding horses: Mi Lijo (Peru 61-S). *Pucala (S71902). *No Leche Crema (S72986), N.V.G. Amauta (Peru 441-S), and *Pabellon (S67525), 1969 US National Champion. Carnaval's famous daughters include Lira (Peru 218-M); Carmelita (Peru 234-M), and dam of *Broche de Oro (S721107); *Sultana (M68634) - not to be confused with Alfredo Elias mare of the same name, this *Sultana was the dam of Rizado (G68638), US National Champion of Champions gelding, and Paisano (S721142) a US National Champion of Champion stallion; Veguera (Peru 268-M), 1965 National Champion in Peru; Minerva (Peru 296-M), three times National Champion of Champions in Peru, also known as Pacanguilla; *Gloria (M70829), a US National Champion of Champions; and Cleopatra I, the dam of Cleopatra II de Pucala (M71897), and 1972 US National Champion of Champions mare.

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