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Paso Llano, Termino, and Brio


What distinguishes the Peruvian Paso is its "Termino" and "Brio".  Termino is it's unique gait and Brio is the qualities of boldness, exuberance and astute focus in service to the rider, their sense of being on parade, their controlled energy, their willingness to please the rider. 

Paso Llano

The trademark of the Peruvian Paso is a distinct inherited, and completely natural four beat lateral gait called paso llano. The paso llano is a broken gait. It consists of a permanent, harmonic, and rhythmic tapping in which the animal makes a gentle and pleasant alternating movement. It is a quick advance in which the center of the horse's gravity stays almost immobile, producing a smooth ride.  One description quoted:  "The horses legs were moving so fast and yet the rider looked like he was being transported on a magic carpet."

The paso llano is executed with a distinctive action in the front legs called "termino".  (see below)

This description/definition quoted from Peruvian Horse Association of Canada  
per courtesy of Eduard van Brunschot Vega, Peru



Termino is the action of the front legs of a Peruvian Paso breed.  It is a graceful, flowing movement in which the forelegs are rolled towards the outside as the horse strides forward, much like the arm motion of a swimmer. Termino is a spectacular and beautiful natural action. It is not a wing or paddle and originates in the shoulder giving the horse the ability to swing the leg forward with minimum vertical force back. Both the gait and the flashy leg action are naturally passed on to the offspring.

This description/definition quoted from Peruvian Horse Association of Canada
per courtesy of Eduard van Brunschot Vega, Peru 



Brio refers to the Peruvian Paso's spirit, pride and heart.  Brio cannot be accurately described, it has to be seen and experienced to truly understand.  When you watch a Peruvian Paso it looks full of energy, movement, arrogance, but you feel how little effort it takes for the Paso to control this power and energy. You sense the fire and courage within the Paso.  The rider on the other hand feels complete calmness.  The Peruvian Paso displays a combination of grace and showmanship, exuberance and certainty, strength and bravery, in a quality so profound it catches the eye and almost takes your breath away.  Brio commands the attention and admiration of everyone in its presence.  Yet, the Paso is completely gentle, patient, willing, in fact eager to serve and please its rider. Brio gives the Paso the willingness and strength to perform or endure tirelessly for the rider.  The Peruvian Paso is in a class of its own; its Brio sets it apart from any other breed of equine, thrilling to watch or ride.

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Paso Llano, Termino and Brio
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