Great Peruvian Paso's

Fayebrook's "Vivo SKR" was sired by SH REFINADO from AEV Oro Negro and Fina Estampa.  These are photos of those championship horses.

Photos made available through the generosity and interest of the Hamblen/Jaserie Family  some of whom are present in these photos.


Fina Estampa
Champion Champion

Fina Estampa off Vivo
SKR's Pedigree

Fina Estampa and her foal SH Refinado when he was just a few days old.  SH Refinada is the sire of our Peruvian Paso stallion Vivo

SH Refinado
Santa Barbara Horse Show

SH Refinado at the Hamblen Ranch

Fina Estampa and SH Refinado

Fina Estampa

Raul Del Solar with SH Refinado at Santa Barbara - his first show as a baby!


Sol de Oro (V)


Peruvian Pasos at Fayebrook Farms

Carla in for rare photo opp.

A Younger
Luna Reluciente


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