Artificial Insemination

Conception rates, a healthy pregnancy, and successful foaling can be improved by the  knowledgeable use of artificial insemination.  Carla is an A-I Technician experienced at both managing the correct protocol for semen collection from a stallion and the insemination process.

Why choose AI

Important factors supporting A-I are:

  • Because the mare and stallion never come in contact with each other breeding accidents are minimal

  • There is less chance of spreading sexually transmitted diseases between them. 

  • The mare does not have to undergo the stress of travelling to the stallion.

Before performing A-I Carla's main concerns will be for the health and well-being of the mare and foal. Is the mare healthy? Fertile? Able to withstand the ordeals of reproduction?  Only physically sound mares should be used for breeding.  If you are not sure have your veterinarian evaluate your mare for her reproductive potential.   Insemination is not recommended if she presents problems that limit fertility or decrease her chances of delivering a healthy foal.  While these problems may be treated or managed for breeding your veterinarian may detect problems so serious or chronic in nature that you would be best advised not to attempt to breed the mare.  Carla may ask you about your ability to handle the mare through gestation and parturition.  Mares require specific care and nutrition to ensure that they and their foals are healthy. Carla will also discuss your knowledge and experience in being able to manage or train the foal once it is born.

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