When in doubt,
let your horse do the thinkin'.



This page includes:
Groups of Horses at Fayebrook Farms
Tennessee Walking Horses

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Groups of Horses - Running Nuzzling

Hey, Let's Run for Awhile





Our Horses
Love Nuzzling

Narnia in the Foreground

Left:  Ebony's with Gorgeous George
Right:  Her Royal Majesty with FBT La Amada


Rene and Carla
with Dictator's Major General


Tennessee Walking Horses


Dictator's Majestic Quest

Dictator's Major General
getting to know other critters

Showtime's Midnight Sun
Sire -Royal Dictator and


Young visitors learning about horses


New friends made in a day

Dam- Dee J's Miss Showtime
1st Weanling Colt 1998 TWHBEA
Western Canadian Regional Futurity



Cheyenne & Chiva
Cheyenne, grandaughter
of Roy Roger's Trigger




GLL Carbon Copy
1964 World Grand Champion

The Pusher
World Grand Champion 1981

Pusher's Winning Secret
1997 Montgomery Stake and
Germantown Stake Champion




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