Button's dam is Miss Lucky Duck who was sired by The Duck who placed 10th in 2003 World Grand Champions of the National Celebration. Her pedigree goes back to great stallions like Triple Threat, Pride of Midnight, Ebony Masterpiece and several others. Her breeding is rare which makes her offspring valuable.

Ducky is superbly gaited with a long ground covering stride. Missy Lucky Duck is broke to ride and has been ridden on the trail and also in show. She has wonderful conformation, is very balanced which gives her great stamina and the ability perform in gait without breaking.

Button is a perfect representation of her sire and dams breeding.

Button has been sold.

Button's Sire, Royal Dictator



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Dictator's Lucky Button is a very sweet filly, who is loved by everyone. She is sired by Royal Dictator who won a championship in 1988. He is an exceptional stallion and with his foundation breeding and that of our selected mares, his babies adopt this natural run walk.

Royal Dictator is a grandson of Mack K's Handshaker and Merry Go Boy who are both World Grand Champions. Just one generation off his papers is Allan F-1 who was recognized as the "greatest contribution to the breed". Also on his papers is Midnight Sun also a World Grand Champion. Roan Allen, Merry Legs, Wilson's Allen and many other great horses are in his ancestry. In fact, Royal Dictator breeding goes back to the very first Tennessee Walking Horses; this is very close up in his breeding. This to me is very important as the original horses were very naturally gaited without aides.




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