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Dictator’s Ebony Delight (Ebony) was our first born this year.  From the very beginning he has certainly made his presence known.  He is a social butterfly visiting with everyone, frequent visits to bug the yearling fillies, social calls among the unbred mares, time spent with his dad, Royal Dictator, and every now and then he spends time with his mother.  When not visiting he runs around the pasture at full speed from one side to the other.   If ever we were  looking for him we'd find him where ever his mother was not. 

Ebony has True Character that Shines
Through in His Every Move

With each succeeding birth at Fayebrook, Ebony became excited with the prospect of each playmate.  He would not leave the mares alone trying to get close to his sisters as soon as they were born.  Two of our mares, Mysty and Lady had their hands full trying to keep him away from their new born babies.  He is persistent. Now if we want to find Ebony we look for Mysty.  Her baby Dawn will be close by and following them is Ebony.  Once in awhile he gets Dawn away from her mom so they can run and play.


Ebony has true character that shines through in his every move. Plus, Ebony is an extremely well bred horse, the result of very selective breeding, combining exceptional foundation breeding with that of some of the greatest horses to appear in the latter part of this past half century.  His sire is descended from the greats of the foundation horses -  Roan Allen F-38 and Allen F-1, Merry Boy, and Mac K’s Handshaker to name a few.  Ebony's pedigree boasts other more recent equine greats, World Grand Champion “The Pusher” and the high point stallion of the millennium Prides Generator. Dictator’s Ebony Delight stands out as the consummate example of this combination breeding.

This exceptional character is sold.

Dictators Ebony Delight's Pedigree

His Sire - Royal Dictator

His Dam - Major Midnight Delight

Foundation Sire - Allan F-1

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