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Dictator Midnight Phoenix is an exceptional horse with flawless conformation.  He has a long swaying stride which contributes to the best run/walk in the breed.  Like his sire he has a beautifully sculpted head with trademark hooked ears.  His kind gentle way will contribute to a fantastic horse for any level of experience..

Phoenix is an extremely well-bred horse, the result of very selective breeding, combining exceptional foundation breeding with that of some of the greatest horses to appear in the latter part of this past half century.  His sire is descended from the greats of the foundation horses -  Roan Allen F-38 and Allen F-1, Merry Boy, and Mac K’s Handshaker to name a few.  This gelding  has a pedigree boasting equine greats, World Grand Champion “The Pusher” and the high point stallion of the millennium Prides Generator. Dictator Midnight Phoenix stands out as the consummate example of this combination breeding.  Don’t miss the opportunity to own this horse we are asking $4500.00."

Phoenix's Pedigree
His Sire - Royal Dictator

His Dam - Major Midnight Delight
Foundation Sire - Allan F-1





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