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Dictator's Diesel  is a son of Royal Dictator and a mare named F-88's Sugar and Spice.  The finest foundation breeding shows on his pedigree as both sire and dam go back to the great Allen F-1.  Almost every horse on Diesel's papers has done exceptional things in the Walking Horse world and have earned their recognition in the Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame in its inaugural year.  These include Allen F-1, Merry Go Boy, Merry Boy,  Roan Allen f-38, Midnight Sun, Midnight Mack K, and Wilson's Allen, the best of the best in terms of breeding production, show ring results and ambassadorship. 

Every horse on Diesel's papers is responsible for the making of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breed.   If they were not World Grand Champions or Champions of some sort their offspring were. 

 Conformationally, Diesel is flawless; he has great bones and a beautiful sculptured head.  Additionally, he has a natural running walk.  It is breathtaking to look at Diesel.

We will only be breeding him to very select mares in private treaty.  As we plan to show him and do not want to dilute the area with his offspring.  He is one of a kind and will be our replacement stallion.  His daddy is now twenty-one years old and will not be with us forever. 


His father, Royal Dictator, is a grandson of Mack K's Handshaker and Merry Go Boy who are both World Grand Champions.  One generation off Royal Dictator's is Allan F-1 who was recognized as the "greatest contribution to the breed".  Also on his papers is Midnight Sun, another  World Grand Champion, Roan Allen, Merry Legs, Wilson's Allen and many other great horses.

To me this is very important as the original horses were very naturally gaited without aides. These were the working horses of the breed when horses were used for transportation and were required to withstand many miles under the saddle or pull a cart for miles and do all of this with grace and ease.  Plus they were beautiful and elegant enough to put in the show ring and win for their natural gait.

Stud Fee:  $750


Dictator's Diesel's Pedigree

His Sire - Royal Dictator
His First Foal - Diesel's Red Fury

Foundation Sire - Allan F-1
Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame

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